Several Seasons By Now

Yikes was this too much? Did my words mean something? Has it struck a chord? A chord? Like in that dead song, um um which one? Sorry I can’t hear you I really like this part. Hey so I just wanted to say if there was some kind of symbolism…but doesn’t that kill the magic? But there is no magic, but there is! I’ve seen it in my child’s eyes and I don’t even have child…and P. is the corner harmonizing to the song he doesn’t even know but he does he does! And I’m not where to really stand right now, but I really shouldn’t think, this is how new experiences are created, and if only I could just be in the moment, and I am in the present and I don’t feel anything because I feel everything. And blood and honor, and I think of those people in the concentration camps and how can I rationalize this? And people don’t and that is what they say in books but I have never found books to need their daily dose of smack, huh huh!? Fucking 200$ a day. Otherwise I start shitting as much as I masterbate and that’s when that’s when the people on craigslist really pay.


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