Hey Brother

It is easy to loose balance. There isn’t much to hold on to. Perhaps that is a simple realization, one that may have come long a time ago for you. But the past is compressed. It is condensed. You hear their voice. You remember just that glimpse of when things were nice. You can’t get their anymore except with the help of that latex. Even now it has burned out those pink pathways and you aren’t even close to death. Though all you need to do is unlatch that hatch on the roof and you’ll be closer than you have been years.

What is about the summer that makes you get teary? You remember you actually have emotions. The girl that fell asleep on the subway exemplified everything that caused me pain. The ride is over now. Listen to the harmonious chords. Those chords always did it. Taste the salt on your lips from when the warm waves that knocked you over. But that was only because they waved to you. Ha. Or you thought they did. No one is here now. It is just you. What else is there left to do? Should you dance? It is such an unfamiliar sensation.

Perhaps it was the veggies you had for dinner? Quick! The song is ending. Before you take that last step. Before you reach that edge, hey! Didn’t you feel there was something more? Like it would be you some how? Like everyday you would open your eyes and you would just melt because we were here together? Okay okay you’re right, let’s do this. Oh yes yes it is just me. One last sip. Make it a gulp. Climb. You have a goal. Feel that warmth grow. This is the world. It is nothing but what you have right now. Just think it will be washed away. Another will be in this space. No need to be sentimental. Just do it, take the step. Okay okay I will. See!? Look at this.


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