What is in the sound of a beep beep truck

Of course you all know it. That sweaty feeling. The doctor comes in and you hope he can give you the answer that can lead you to your salvation..,

Before I fucked her I made sure that she didn’t know I was a clown.

I got her off of craigslist. After a few kik messages things got good and steamy.

At work today I was given advice in the form of cliches and now I have no job.

I spend my days in the throes of self-pleasure practices and participate in online hate group forums because of the tight community. I never tell them my minority and non-minority status. I turn and look at the girl and she is sleeping. She is my wife, I love because who else is there. I can’t let her die but the lips are already turning blue. Now I am alone, unlike her, she is one with the world.

My wife is non-existent because I don’t have one. Not even a girlfriend. I never had one because I had money and don’t live in a country where they would recognize our marriage. I am a farmhand surrounded by little bundles of light.

I spend my days in the country and don’t know what much of the technology that is being used by me at work and I write quiet a lot and get underpaid and will see you later, make sure to save me a seat and I tell her a clever pick up line and that was all it took to wait in line to just get my first meal of the day.

The rich can lie to themselves better.


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