Off to happiness

You can’t remember where it was!

The streets, misty and quiet, I was afraid to lay down on the sparkling pavement. This was a moment. This WAS it. When I look back on my life, before the pento gets into my veins, mixes and mixes sending an oh so pleasant message into my brain, before that happens, I will remember this was it! The pinnacle of the human experience. Unadulterated ecstasy, that is, to lay down on the sidewalk. You people strolling about chasing dreams of thousand dollar bikes! But let me tell you! Let me be a god for just a moment! Just listen to what I have to say- give it to me, I am not real, no past, and certainly no future, no! What I have for you today is something more, something transcendent! Isn’t that what you want? Those jobs and families, they distract you from the truth, become part of this world by leaving it. Bring me that release, rub rub rub. And now, just look up, fall down backwards, arch your back and roll roll roll. Eat the perf, eat it all! I’ll tell you what! So many people in this world and they all shit! Can you fucking believe it? I bet when you are going to work and see the dumb fuck in front of you trying to shove some burrito down their throat you get frustrated and say- when I die, I’ll have known life because of that burrito! No. A thousand times no. Give up, and take the disability check. Let us all congregate and be thankful for the organs we have been given. Let us use these organs and when we are done, do some gouging. Do you hear? We that kind of sick. The deepest kind. Tear and pull. Reach up and reach down. We in Providence, we set.


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