Working in the Sticks

The multitudes…so there we were, there I was, washing dishes. In this industrial sink. Crazy hot dishwasher. Crazy hot steam. And then the music came on. And the rhythm of the stepping of the other staff, and the rhythm of the door to the dishwasher opening and closing, and the music of course. Dare I say we hit upon a moment, let’s be grand shall we? The planets aligned! And there we were, sweaty yet happy. And I just took another stack of dirty dishes. And my dearest friend dried them. A quick look over my shoulder, a pretty girl, a co-worker smiling. And the music crescendoed! And we all started twitching, shoulders pulling, feet tapping, like you would think when you saw some highly produced advertisement. There we were, spanning the color spectrum, from all different types of backgrounds! It doesn’t matter that I’m tired or underpaid! The music man. This is what united us.

Well that lasted about a minute, or really the length of a good snort of yips. That’s the only way to get through- oh and sucking on that fent patch. Grimy reality set in. These fucking people, this overweight bitch that runs this shit show ripping customers off and shoving the excess cash up her rancid cunt. And my ‘friend’ just robbed his neighbor, straight up. The police force is scant here, that kinda thing can happen. And my manager who gets the yips, gets it trucked in from the city. Makes a killing selling it to these naive college students. This shit will fuck up your life- and I’m not speaking from experience. The thing is, your life is already fucked if you are thinking of doing this shit in the first place. I would recommend finding Allah, after all, it’s uber-chic now, all the rage. Find Allah they say, then take up arms to form the caliphate. Grand idea, but no yips there. Need that kinda thing, at least in this life.

And we would cop the extra beer from events, quickly slugging it down, and then quickly relieving ourselves on the van. That big van, it was a luxury piece of equipment. That’s how we transported everything. Moved all the food and equipment. Laborious. This was a rural town. Listen, I’m not looking to sit on my ass all day. But how could you not have some distain for the pompous fucks we served? Spraying their ejaculate all over my face and watching me lap it up. I had to do something. Lord knows the girl waiting in bed for me won’t give two shits about this.

So what could I do? I learned some tricks from they guy who used to hang around the Navajo out west. Learned how to write checks from those blank ones you would get at the generic office store that sold to the college students. It was pretty easy. After all this was a rural town. These guys sold work and ran shit. No opposition, just boys on playgrounds.

Happened to have to work early black friday, spent thanksgiving the night before at the rec. center in town. Was invited by the guy who got the yips from the city. Didn’t realize what happened at rec. centers. These guys were from the city, grew up doing the usual things kids do who grow up in derelict projects. Now they are out here in the sticks doing some weird some hillbilly shit. Pursuing the streets the streets for tired looking woman with cesarian scars. Sure I was into it. What choice did I have?

We got this girl. A smoker, I liked that- everyone here was. Had this shaking in the hands and nervous eyes even when she got fucked up. This girl was skinny. Was crying about how her boyfriend fell asleep in the shower and the thing somehow flooded ruining her tv. What to do now? That’s where we came in. We took her to this apartment complex with cameras outside every door. They were all smashed in.

Enter white room. Big black guy on small white chair. Room is pretty empty. A tv, yes, not much more. Strong small of pot and some other chemical smell. The white  girl is excited. Should she be? My manager, a slow chubby man starts moving fast. Chop chop on the neck, the girl is down. A stunned doe. The duct tape comes out. Do a hot rail off a butter knife. Inhale deeply. Toothpick in teeth, check. Bandana on. Eggplant comes out of the bag. Fuck that, the large black man says. Takes a goddamn rolling pin and cracks the girl in the face. Free flowing ribbons of that dark liquid gold we all lust after erupt. White chick doesn’t really respond. How can she, all taped up! Whoop whoop! Ha. And step one, two, three, four, skip and twirl. Perfect landing. Get good and lathered up with that pure enlightenment coming right out her nose! No tears yet, strange.

Keep in mind brothers and sisters, we are children of God! Blue skies! Fog on mountain tops! Oh dearest me, this is the most euphoric music I’ve ever heard! The large black man, my manger, and I join hands and dance around the writhing suffering little pumpkin! Oh my oh my how I love pumpkin! I think I fell in love! You know it could just be us baby, together. Unsheathed the large black man looks as if he has discovered a new land. Oh this clear night sky! He takes out a putty knife and starts boring a hole into the left breast, under the nipple. Yes this girl has been stripped and fully gagged. And now to dress her! I must have missed the stripping part, can’t get enough of this yips, these hot rails off the stove. Listen white girl, if the sky does come falling down for you, just listen, you hear the crickets? It’s just us baby. Look at what the creator has given us, I mean, me.

Let us go to sleep, shall we?


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