Trip to the Island?

He was a pretty crusty. I didn’t know what motivated him. Was it the pursuit of that Unattainable? Or was it simply to get his rocks off. I figured the latter based on his latest schemes to push the buttons in his brain. When I saw him a few years after the Incident, he hadn’t been any closer to clarity. Still had the clothes with the rough fabric and the wrinkled, dried out hands that shook. Never saw his actual frame, arms were hidden of course. He had some vague notion of scoring out on the Island. Said he knew the guy through his band. Like it was a band. Like I was even privy to what exactly he was talking about. He said there was this guy, T, and he lived in an apartment off his parents house where he sold the gear from. Came in off a ship supposedly. And what he would do was get these young girls over and show them the Light. He couldn’t stand T. Said his actions were against the Code. I nodded along not knowing what kind of violent history had forged the Code or if the Code was even real. But what this guy said was real. Said he got a baseball bat specifically for T. He just needed some cash to initiate the deal. Then make a move, use his reflexes and grab the gear and make sure no girl would ever go near T again. This was the plan. It was clean he insisted. Real clean. This was a True step towards the Light. Then it would be vacation time. We would have the Sacrament. We would do the Dance. It all sounded so promising, but I couldn’t do it. No way was I paying for a round trip train ticket. What if this was one of his strange K dreams? I hadn’t seen his arms but I saw his eyes. They were dry like his hands, the color evaporated, long gone. He was a gentle kid really. I had raised him after all. I only could shake my head at him. I couldn’t make eye contact.

Nice seeing you man.


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