When I met you in the summer

Need something, phrasing, easily identifiable, broad audience reach. Something that can be read while listening to music. Don’t want to be too abrasive. Something for the casual consumer. Money is important sure, but let’s give people something, hope. Yeah, let’s sell emotions, identities. For those that go fast and those that go slow. For the the busy professional with kids to feed and the single loner in a desolate part of town. Let’s sell blue skies, innocent sexual encounters, because we are living after all. But we need more, something that can make us continue to come back. Let’s get some moving animations on there. Let’s make sitting still feel uncomfortable. Let us share with our friends, externalize our selves. Let’s not encourage any inner life since it is not easily commodifiable. And if that doesn’t work let’s colonize the pleasure centers of the brain. Let’s get really intense about coffee, all aspects of the production process are a piece of the larger mosaic that makes up you, the consumer. Or how about wine? So many vineyards so little time. Let me plan this trip, run, make the most of myself, so much opportunity. Let us save the Middle East, spread peace and love and bespoke vegetable juice. Let me give back to those that are hungry, dying, let me work at Staples and help the common man get the office supplies they need to build a better country. Or how about asking God to make it all stop?


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