Fixing the Roof with Dog

Oye oye dog, move those blankets, why do the clouds looks so in December?

I don’t know, but they are gentler, steely grays, curling blues, black dogs.

You know I look at the trees too, isn’t that funny? like you, like you.

Hmm, is it by chance she is saying this? or are the trees also her friends? It isn’t really fair that I am applying these archetypes to you. It it isn’t really fair that I am let down because I expected more. Oh look, dog! Squirrel! Squirrel! the trees have faces, oh man, why does…

he hates surprises, don’t you know that story- we started dating, it was like september, his birthday, in april, this was a long time ago, maybe ’77.

Do you want this wine chilled, sir?

I’ll have some in a little bit.

Woowee, Saratoga.

He barely glances up, “yeah”

It’s cooling down, the temperature is at 45, not too bad.

“no, it’s not”


I was out in Colorado in 86, didn’t come back till ’98. Used to drive out, foothills, every year in May…green.

He knows the sound of chips on teeth.

I used to ride my bike, it was doable, it wasn’t like, freeways.

If there is something you want, you came for my 60th, it ended up being an event, if you want go to Colorado. You know it was hard shopping for-

How about a new roof, repave the driveway….

Or we could come out here, case of beer, a new chainsaw, rahhhrn…

Small, seemingly small unnoticed objects (old tacks, stained post cards, remnants of melted candles in glass…), the simple memory of an old man with rough ill-fitting clothes. The pointlessness for the nostalgia of this places that totally engulfed me. Heavy, grainy, brown earth and the most understood things, the bird sanctuary, the soft cat, and the neurotic gentle dog. Spring spiraling, these thoughts take….

The stiffness makes itself known by the constant cracking. I never thought it would be this way, no…I thought the diet could cure ya know? This was some heavy, ha, heavy shit and this guy came down and he told me these things.

(Don’t droop like those weeping willows, ya know?! I kid, I kid)

So there was this instructional, the list of sorts- deep on the trail it struck me, had to write, like these sheets and sheets of paper. And it was to eat only  a few ingredients! Salmon, some green, grain, and — the oil! And so I wrote down the details, following the directions that were told to me in the contours of my damaged elbow crook.

And the flows come, it is just a matter of knowing how to move your spine. And then the rhythm comes in, and it’s not really just for you, but you think it is, but you cease to think- that inexplicable grin, going faster, time dilates, if only could I be in a warm, in a relaxed space, wait no I like, oh, them? oh god, do you hear this?! Fuck man,

Yeah, dude..

Must be working, long webs deep from within the trees coming close, cascading down, and the tops of the lights, the trees go higher, and bend deep down low, and maybe it’s only because of your breathing? And then these people start talking about the CIA, and oh shit, cops, wait are we? You mean us? Yes we are, and that guys legs are much to thin to be going that fast, the mud splattering, and then another wave, and it’s working really smoothly, and why do I feel like the seams are popping, is it supposed to be that way? Oh yes, smile, if only I had a knife, castrate and then the guts, burn them for me, and oh the spinning, and this must be like a particularly good one right? I can’t hear you. Running now in circles, elongated smiles, and the reptiles, the smell of deer only it’s here, these flows man. these flowers, sprinkling, I’m just bones! This thing, of biology and shit, bloody grisly workings of this life- come with me beyond this, let us become this dirt, my hand is right here, this is new, take this, on the count of three, approaching the peak, cut like this, ok ready, ok ready?


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